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Most welcome in our beauty world!

Our brand BAUSCH stands for high quality beauty products. Our aim is to make you feel beautiful! Your appearance, especially your hands, feet and skin are features that are directly perceived by other people. Enhance your appearance with the help of our high quality beauty products. Be proud to show your beauty to everyone around you! Because that’s the way, people will remember us! Our homepage informs you about current news, gives you a detailed overview about our product line and their areas of application and shows you ways how to support your health!

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NEW PRODUCT Battery-powered cordless device for manicure and pedicure

Handy manicure and pedicure device for filing finger and toenails and for removing annoying cuticles and light calluses on the hands and feet.

Schaumcremes zur täglichen Pflege


Air-light foam creams for the daily moisturizing care or special treatment – quickly absorbed, pleasurable scented and hands and feet that are perfectly cared for.

Manikuere-/Pedikueregerät mit praktischem Rundumlicht

0375 – The useful manicure and pedicure set with all-round lighting!

It’s the innovation in Peter Bausch’s beauty world - You will never ever have to experience any shades while caring for your hands and feet again, thanks to the all-round lighting.



A manicure is the cosmetic beauty treatment for your hands. Our products support you while filing your fingernails. Always pay attention to the direction of filing because that’s the simplest way to prevent nails from fraying.
Furthermore, it’s very easy to remove hangnails and dry skin, as well as to polish nails with the felt.



A pedicure is the cosmetic beauty treatment for your feet. In essence, the toenails have to be cut and the callus has to be removed. Our products assist you perfectly during the whole procedure.


Nail sealer

By specific problems with nails, we advise our nail sealer THP1 which is very useful for the treatment with dry and brittle nails as well as with Onychomycosis.


Soft removal of callus

Our professional device for a soft but also effective removal of callus.


UV-Lamps & nail polish

In addition to the classic manicure and pedicure products we offer various tools for the cosmetic beauty treatment of artificial fingernails.


Massage & acupressure

For one’s personal well-being we offer specialized massage equipment. Whether you want to pamper your skin or stimulate your nervous system with the help of acupressure.


Brittle nails

Brittle and splitting nails can be an indicator for a lack of biotin (Vitamin H) which is essential for healthy nails. Biotin is necessary for the creation of keratin and therefore supports the natural growing process of skin, hair and nails.
However, genetic make-up can also be responsible for brittle nails.


Diabetic foot syndrome

The main causes for the diabetic foot syndrome (DFS) are poor healing wounds on the lower leg or the foot. Polyneuropathy creates an obviation that makes it hard to realize even the smallest wound. If you suffer from disturbed blood flow the danger to get the diabetic foot syndrome is even higher. Daily foot inspections and good foot care are very important and help preventing damage.
A medical foot care is advisable if you have any severe misalignments or nervous disturbances, as well as already poor healing wounds.



Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the nail. In most instances it is caused by hyphomycetes and rarely by saccharomyces albicans or mould fungi. Toenails are more often affected than fingernails due to their warm and humid environment which is contra-productive for this illness. Onychomycosis is not a severe but common illness. Fife up to twelve percent of Europeans has infected nails, the frequency of occurrence rises with the age. Our products help preventing it!



Hyperkeratosis is the excessive formation of callus on the feet. The exterior skin becomes thicker, either on small parts or the whole foot.



A hangnail is an almost detached piece of skin next to the finger- or toenail which can be very painful and result in an inflammation. To prevent a troublesome inflammation it is important to cut the hangnail at its beginning.



A corn (also: clavus) is a specially shaped callused area of dead skin that usually occurs on thin or hairless skin surfaces, especially on toes or fingers. Corns are caused by local pressure over a bony prominence.

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